Business Development


BFM helps to expand and develop your business. Let us research the possibilities of opening the company to the new markets.

Our team will assist you with tasks related to finance, law and administration. We offer a comprehensive business development service.

Due to the current economic and geopolitical situation for potential investors or buyers, international companies are gaining value. Such companies have much easier access to capital and greater importance on the global market often reflected in their sale.

Vat declarations in Switzerland and other European countries. Payroll Management

Secretarial and correspondence services.

Management of mandatory insurance policies.

Assistance in registration of patents, licenses, know-how.

Assistance in obtaining residence or citizenship in Switzerland, Dubai, Monaco and Malta.

Leveraging our global expertise and local Swiss banking ties, we offer seamless setup of both private and corporate accounts, ensuring your financial growth and stability.

From meticulous paperwork handling to personalized account features, we walk you through every step, providing the convenience of world-class Swiss banking right at your fingertips.

In this era of global business, our services transcend borders, allowing clients worldwide to benefit from the security, privacy, and robust financial infrastructure of Swiss banks.