Clients Representation


BFM offers comprehensive client representation services. As a result, it becomes easier to do business in different countries.

Countries in which BFM has its partners and provides services are primarily: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Dubai, Malta, Cyprus, Monaco.

We excel at orchestrating high-caliber business meetings, turning every detail into an opportunity for your professional growth and network expansion.

Utilizing our vast resources and connections, we coordinate all logistics, from choosing the perfect location to shaping engaging agendas, ensuring your meetings are productive and successful.

Whether face-to-face or virtually, our priority is creating impactful experiences that facilitate meaningful dialogues, innovative collaborations, and pave the way for business breakthroughs.

Office representation

Management of mandatory insurance policies

Assistance in registration of patents, licenses, know-how

Assistance in obtaining residence or citizenship in Switzerland, Dubai, Monaco and Malta

Our team of skilled negotiators is committed to advocating for your best interests during contract negotiations, aiming to secure favorable terms that align with your business objectives.

Utilizing strategic techniques and industry insights, we navigate the complexities of negotiations, providing guidance, and empowering you to make informed decisions.

From pre-negotiation preparation to post-negotiation review, we offer a comprehensive service designed to maximize value, mitigate risks, and foster beneficial business relationships.

We offer top-tier business management services, bringing strategic oversight and operational efficiency to your organization, enabling it to thrive in today’s fast-paced global economy.

Drawing upon deep industry knowledge and innovative methodologies, we help streamline processes, boost productivity, and navigate complex business challenges, driving growth and profitability.

From human resource management to financial planning and strategic decision making, we provide comprehensive solutions that foster long-term sustainability and success for your business.

We conduct comprehensive vetting and identification of potential partners, agents, and business contacts, leveraging our wide network and industry insights to find individuals and organizations that align with your strategic goals.

Using a robust due diligence process, we assess potential risks, check reputations, and validate credentials, ensuring that your prospective collaborations are beneficial and secure.

Our service aims to facilitate trustworthy and reliable business connections, creating a solid foundation for your business development and expansion efforts.