Real Estate Investments


Investments in real estate – BFM will help you find and buy real estate for commercial, residential, or other purposes.

Our partners will help find the perfect place in Switzerland, France, Monaco, Spain, Dubai, Malta and Cyprus.

Assistance during the transaction

Specially selected properties for client’s needs

We offer a robust Real Estate Rent Guarantee service, designed to provide landlords and property owners with the assurance of consistent rental income, regardless of tenant occupancy or payment delays.

Leveraging our expertise in real estate and financial management, we navigate the complexities of rental agreements, ensuring that your investment is protected and generates the anticipated returns.

Our goal is to offer peace of mind to property owners, mitigating risk and optimizing income stability through our comprehensive, professionally managed rent guarantee program.

In case of financial needs, we offer assistance in arranging financing on highly affordable terms, ensuring your business has the necessary capital to thrive and grow.

We leverage our extensive network of financial partners and deep understanding of various funding options to secure favorable financing terms tailored to your unique business situation.

Our aim is to ease your financial burdens, offering solutions that not only provide immediate capital but also contribute to long-term financial stability and business success.